To build a tribe and global community of lightmovers spreading Love, Inspiration, Gratitude, Healing and Transformation across the world.


To share light, touch hearts and move as many lives as possible.

About Us


We started this as a community project where we felt we lived in a world that is moving so fast. We are surrounded by people but we often feel very alone. We spend so much time connected to our phones, connected to our minds but not enough time connected to our hearts. We are bombarded with news that is often negative or distressing making us feel stressed, anxious or unsafe. For some, the world is a dark and scary place.

But for every bad or negative story you share, there’s always a choice to share something good, to share something inspiring. To share something that might touch someone’s heart and put a smile on their face.

Just remember that whatever we focus on grows - so let’s focus on positivity. Let’s focus on sharing more light in this world.

By spreading more love, inspiration, gratitude and healing, we can transform lives, starting with our own. We can’t do this by ourselves. We need to create an awareness that this is important not just for today’s generations but for the future generations as well.

Be a LIGHTmover today and share your stories with us!

Ohanajo Studio
No. 15 Jalan Daun Inai 21
Sunway SPK Damansara
52200 Kuala Lumpur
(next to Desa Parkcity)

Tel : 0362613576
Email : michael@ohanajo.com

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