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Born in 1986 in Shiraz, Iran, Atbin is a graduate of the Cavendish College of Art and Architecture majoring in photography. From 2009 to 2012, she lived in Kuala Lumpur as a Design student at Nottingham Trent University. She combines conceptual photography with other art form such a poetry and installation art in bringing her artistic vision to life. Influenced by her life experiences with a distinctive Asian influence, Atbin’s work is an expression of abstracts and surrealism.

Atbin fervently believes in the power of art and creative expression in helping children heal from trauma wherever they are. As an art form that captures and combines a myriad of emotions and expressions, she believes that giving a camera to a child is a powerful way for them to see that life is in their hands and their vision is very much governed by what they choose to see.

Atbin Eslami is currently travelling around the world to teach digital and film photography to underprivileged children and build dark rooms for them so that children can learn valuable skills and also allows them to express their emotions and share their stories with the world through their images.


In summer 2018, Atbin Eslami volunteered to establish a darkroom in Kabul for over 80 Afghan refugees who are mostly children to develop films and printing in black and white which resulted in printing 200 pictures. This project was featured on BBC Persian News.

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We are currently trying to raise USD 20,000 for Atbin and The Darkroom to bring her to Malaysia first to launch her project.

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Sadly, due to the stigma of HIV in Africa, Kenya has many orphanages which house children who have been abandoned by their families after being diagnosed with the virus. The children volunteers come into contact with during this program have been extremely disadvantaged by their circumstances and will have endured a great deal of hardship - much of it holding back their development.

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